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Card 1: Make your bed look pretty every day.

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Progress Charting for Week 1:

The Day Before:  Okay!  So I embark on this journey tomorrow. I am EXTREMELY excited. And very hopeful. I have been crabby for a very long time, and I truly think that these small changes I am going to make in my life this year will become habits that will great improve my outlook on life, along with my self-esteem. I believe these improvements will make me a better mother, which is my ultimate goal in all of this. I care deeply for others, and my two nuggets deserve the best I can give them, and that is the best me I can make.

I am totally afraid of failure. But the accountability of this blog, and reporting back to you, will help tremendously. I still need to tape my card to the bathroom mirror, as I completely overlooked it today. Hopefully the bathroom mirror will be a useful enough place for a reminder. I still need to get my checklist set up for nightly box checking (checking things off makes me very happy LOL). I should probably put an alarm on my phone to remind me to look at the checklist, or maybe I will put it on my pillow in the AM when I make my bed pretty. Ha. Just laughing at the card wording, but the positive wording is truly making it sound like an opportunity to beautify my bedroom, as opposed to drudgery.

Here is my video from a couple of days ago about this card.

Card 1

Card 1 is here. Have you made your first card? I know you are thinking about some new year’s resolutions….Don’t bother! Just do this with me. Much greater chance of lasting success, or so my research has promised me.
Go to if you have no clue what I am talking about, but are totally planning some new year’s resolutions.

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Day 2:  Card 1 is going well. I forgot both days to do it right away, but remembered after seeing the card on the bathroom mirror. I am stressed and anxious about moving so slowly, and I just spent the last 3 hours getting organized with to-do lists, work goals, a plan for after school time, etc. I am going to have to allow myself to make a week schedule; I truly am powerless in the face of my Type A tendencies (or, I could frame it positively, and just call it an outlet for all my productive energy). I will figure out what works and doesn’t, and I will add ideas for cards to my brainstorm sheet.

That sheet is looking pretty messy, but that’s how I flow, and I am less stressed because I know all my ideas are capture and ready.  No clue what I want to do for next week still as I want to do 20 different things.  Sigh…


More updates to come!  I hope you are doing well with your first card. 



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