I recently wrote for Sassy Mama Singapore about the benefits (and difficulties) of reading the news with your kids.


My daughter is four years old. Her world revolves around playing, eating, and avoiding baths at all costs. She is very interested in anything involving silliness, sweet treats, or Sophia the First. So when she found me with my nose in The Economist the other day and asked me to read it to her, I was flabbergasted. I paused to consider the possible ramifications of reading an article to her about foreign supply chains and workers’ rights, then just decided to go for it.

I read a paragraph to her.

I looked up for her reaction.

She said, “What?!?!” in her silly voice, made a silly face, then ran off to play. Alrighty then. But it got me thinking…

I want to spend more quality time with my two little ones (my son is 20 months old). If our quality time activities can help them learn about the world and inspire them to think critically and independently, all the better right? So much can be learned from reading the news, from geography and history to statistics and vocabulary.

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Jennifer Jasensky is currently a New Jersey resident, formerly a resident of Dubai and Singapore, and a Chicagoland native. A former mathematics teacher and dancer/choreographer, she is an outgoing homebody and perpetual idealist whose love of learning knows no bounds. She hates writing bios, so that's all you get. :D

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