Really, I have no idea.  I could barely figure it out for myself.  But this was a dire and pressing question for me last year when I wrote this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore.

V and R first nice photo

My ovaries are confused. They seem to have misplaced the memo I sent them during my hours of labour to deliver Baby Two which clearly stated that they could look forward to a lovely (and permanent) vacation. Yet within a few weeks of giving birth, to my sheer horror, I was already getting the urge to have another baby and it has since grown stronger.

Please understand: these thoughts are crazy for me. I love raucous family events courtesy of my parents, two brothers, and many aunts and uncles, but I truly do not think I am cut out to raise my own large family. Noise makes me nutty, and I’m quite a grumpy cat if I don’t get enough sleep (nine hours is my magic number— i.e. impossible). Now that Baby Two is eleven months old, I am finally getting a routine going, a little freedom, and I am enjoying him and “Baby” One (now 3½ years old) very much.

This enjoyment has been hard-won. I suffer from I’m-A-Terrible-Mother Syndrome. I somehow thought it would be possible to be Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson, and Marilyn Monroe all rolled up in a cheery little package, but alas, it seems I was wrong. I’ve spent the last three years trying to come to terms with all this and find value in the kind of mother I am. Yet there is still a little voice inside my head that says, you have no business having more children if you can’t appreciate every single second of your time with your existing children.

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Jennifer Jasensky is a Dubai resident, United States transplant, former mathematics teacher and dancer/choreographer. She is an outgoing homebody and perpetual idealist whose love of learning knows no bounds. She is most happy enjoying a good book with a plate of kaya toast, runny eggs, and kopi-c peng siew dai, but now that she has moved from
Singapore to Dubai, drinking an iced latte in the ocean is fast becoming her happy place.

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