Temp housing, at least the hotel apartment types I have stayed in, are not very well stocked for intensive food prep–of course, I get it, it is temporary housing. However, if you are in temp housing for 1-2 months, you can’t very well put off eating decently for that long, especially if you are a neurotic mom like me. So, here is a meal plan that requires minimal pots/pans/tools, along with a pack list. It balances healthy-enough eating with sanity preservation, because moving is hard….Continue Reading “Temp Housing Simple Meal Plan”

I am a trailing spouse, because I am the tag-along when my husband accepts a job in another country. I have now moved countries twice. Here are my thoughts on preparation. Expect the process to be extremely emotional. You may find that you start shutting yourself off from your current friends; knowing you will have to say goodbye soon makes it hard to keep being emotionally open. This also makes any goodbye parties really hard. Expect to cry. To see what this process looks like in…Continue Reading “The Complete Trailing Spouse Guide”

Food The same foods have a variety of names in Singapore due to the three main cultures in residence:  Chinese, Malay, and Indian. A vegetable you are looking for may have several names. Thank goodness for smartphones; you can show a photo to a store clerk to ask its location. Grocery stores in Singapore stock so many wonderful types of produce. There is incredible variety in the wet markets, especially the large markets, like Tekka Market in Little India, which are located in the public…Continue Reading “Things To Know About Singapore Before You Move There”

Toa Payoh HDB

We moved last month.  We hired a company to come and pack up all our belongings and move them to our new home.  It was pretty cool to watch actually—not in an existential, my-entire-life-inside-cardboard way, but the way they managed this task.  The packers took the packed boxes, stacked them 5-9 feet high on roller boards, set up hard-to-pack items like the ironing board against the stack, and cling-wrapped the entire thing.  They pushed all these towers to the corner of my living room, where they…Continue Reading “My Move To Public Housing”

(Written in July of 2014) I have betrayed my country. I spent the fourth of July this year hanging out with a gaggle of British ladies. And I loved it. It was very strange to be away from home for this holiday. I was very distracted, preparing for the birthday of Kiddo 1, and I barely realized it was the fourth of July until everyone back home started posting about fireworks and BBQ’s and whatnot. It felt a bit like an out of body experience…Continue Reading “Traitor”

Mr. Belvedere

Sooooooo the best thing in the world happened. I have my very own Mr. Belvidere. So now you say: And I say :   So check this out. Singapore is a very fancy pants city with a much higher average income level than many nearby countries. So many of the people who live in poorer countries come here to find jobs. There are lots of constructions jobs in this city for men and lots of cleaning jobs for women. It is so common here that…Continue Reading “Maid in Singapore”

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

So we are finally here (3 months).  And unpacked.  And nearly feeling totally settled in.  I could do a little happy dance, but I am too tired so I will let this guy do it instead. –> Life is starting to flow a little more easily from day to day, and every little thing I need to do is not feeling like such an obstacle any more.  I think I am slowly moving from stage 2 to stage 3 of culture shock at this point. …Continue Reading “Our Life Thus Far In Singapore”


Dec 19:  Bupkus.  No one will negotiate at The Interlace.  Ah well.  It is nutty, as the hubs keeps getting people telling him to offer 25-50% less than the listed rent, but even when I call about new units I am interested in, they say no, they can’t go low.  I guess the trick is finding a desperate seller.  I think it is possible that at The Interlace they don’t want to set a low precedent as so many units need to be moved, and…Continue Reading “House Hunting Internationally: Singapore Edition, part 3 of 3”

The Interlace

Dec. 14:  Okay, we have been here for 3 days now, and have narrowed things down to seven properties we want to visit.  Pretty much every one is a three bedroom, high-rise condo in a building that has a pool, fitness area, and playground.  It is going to be a long day, but I can’t wait to find our new home. *Fun Facts about apartments in Singapore: The laundry room is outdoors.  Lots of people only have cold water clothes washers and hang dry their…Continue Reading “House Hunting Internationally: Singapore Edition, part 2 of 3”

South East Asia Map

Oct. 17, 2013:  I’m moving from Chicago to Singapore, and I am so excited!  I can’t wait for the warm weather, the lush, jungle setting, the fascinating food, and the diversity.  Singapore is an island about the size of Chicago, with 5 million people, located at the bottom tip of Malaysia in Southeast Asia.  It’s so tiny on the map, the word “Singapore” covers it up. It has a beautiful skyline, and is basically a dream environment for businesses with its low taxes.  The following…Continue Reading “House Hunting Internationally: Singapore Edition, part 1 of 3”