So, life happened, and I derailed, as one does. My dog died, my grandmother died, and I got some other bad news to boot. All progress on self-improvement tanked as I went into comfort mode (AKA eating and drinking my feelings and letting the kids watch too much TV). It was all I could do to manage normal everyday tasks and prepare for summer. We are in Spain right now for language immersion. I used to speak Spanish (which I learned in high school) with…Continue Reading “52 Cards Experiment: THE END (or Version 2.0?)”

I HAVE A MAJOR, EXISTENTIAL PROBLEM. I just started reading Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,” because I have been giving far too many ducks* these days. (*Duck = f***, because I only generally only swear when I pair up with alcohol or anger, watch out if I pair up with both at the same time). From the book:   “As the existential philosopher Albert Camus said (and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t on LSD at the time): ‘You will never…Continue Reading

So. I have been momming for 6 years now, and mostly feeling like a complete failure, which is ridiculous. But emotions are powerful, and I must contend with them. In order to stop feeling like a failure, I am going to define, for myself, the “right” way to mom. I say “right,” because there is no such thing. But I am completely overwhelmed by the options out there and the infinite ways I could mom better, so this is necessary. (Disclaimer: This is a definition…Continue Reading “The Right Way To Mom”

family priorities

I am lost in the parenting aisle of the supermarket that is Facebook.  And I am SO overwhelmed.  Do I want to be more Polly Pinterest or Gail GoodEnough?  Hipster Homemaker or Martha Stewart?  DIY or GTI (Go To Ikea)? There are so many voices, so many contradictory opinions, and so much to lose if you choose the wrong path.  We all want what is best for our kids, and while there is a ton of research out there, it is still a pretty biased…Continue Reading “Creating a Family Foundation”