I scared an elderly woman the other day. A few weeks ago, I was enjoying the fall activities that come with life in a temperate climate (raking), and I was driving home from somewhere when I saw an elderly woman raking. It looked like a struggle, she was hunched over and moving slowly, so I pulled over the car and asked if I could help. She said she was fine, but wouldn’t mind some help. So I picked up the kiddos and my dad to…Continue Reading “Scaring the Elderly (AKA Trust and the Refugee Crisis)”


I was in tears.  We had been negotiating on apartments and losing them to higher bids for a week, and only had a few left in the hotel before we needed to be out.  We had spent the day looking at new apartments, only to be met with high rents and hard choices.  None were perfect, but the one with the worst location of all seemed to be our best bet.  I loved the place, but the hubs hated that it was so far out…Continue Reading “A Miracle on Penang Road”