I recently wrote this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore, but it has great tips for anyone thinking about homeschooling their son or daughter. Daniel* (*name changed for privacy) couldn’t speak when he was 5. He couldn’t read when he was 10. His mother was told he would never function in the world. But learning isn’t always linear; some children only progress when ready and then do so very quickly, like Daniel, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. His mom homeschooled him and her hard work paid off…Continue Reading “A Guide To Homeschooling”

You hear it over and over, be the change you wish to see. But it isn’t always easy to figure out how to do that.  Watching The True Cost on Netflix tonight, I realized just what I can do right now. My move to Southeast Asia has been an enlightening one. Every year, our air in Singapore smells terribly for weeks at a time as we are blanketed in “the haze.” The haze comes from the fires clearing the land in Sumatra for the palm oil trade—affecting…Continue Reading “Be The Change–THIS We Can All Do!”

another meal

My modern parenting conundrum:  I want to feed the kiddo well, but it is exhausting.  There are only so many hours in the day, and I would rather spend some of them with my husband or alone (mind you, joyously and ecstatically alone in a bath tub with a great book and a glass of champagne). But one of the most sobering declines documented in Changing Rhythms of American Family Life is the amount of time married parents spend alone together each week: Nine hours today…Continue Reading “9 Ways to be Lazy and Feed Your Kids Well”


I was in tears.  We had been negotiating on apartments and losing them to higher bids for a week, and only had a few left in the hotel before we needed to be out.  We had spent the day looking at new apartments, only to be met with high rents and hard choices.  None were perfect, but the one with the worst location of all seemed to be our best bet.  I loved the place, but the hubs hated that it was so far out…Continue Reading “A Miracle on Penang Road”

vodka 1

Okay, so vodka is probably the best thing ever.   But not for the reasons you might be thinking (well yeah, those reasons too, cos-mo-pol-i-tan….. :)  ). Vodka is amazing for its uses around the house.  I will post more uses in the future, but since I find those 2,999-awesome-things-you-have-to-try-now posts pretty overwhelming, I am only going to post one at a time when it comes to green cleaning or making your own skin care products at home. So let’s make an aromatherapy spray.  I…Continue Reading “Make Your Own Aromatherapy Spray (AKA Look Like an Alcoholic at the Grocery Store)”

family priorities

I am lost in the parenting aisle of the supermarket that is Facebook.  And I am SO overwhelmed.  Do I want to be more Polly Pinterest or Gail GoodEnough?  Hipster Homemaker or Martha Stewart?  DIY or GTI (Go To Ikea)? There are so many voices, so many contradictory opinions, and so much to lose if you choose the wrong path.  We all want what is best for our kids, and while there is a ton of research out there, it is still a pretty biased…Continue Reading “Creating a Family Foundation”