I am a trailing spouse, because I am the tag-along when my husband accepts a job in another country. I have now moved countries twice. Here are my thoughts on preparation. Expect the process to be extremely emotional. You may find that you start shutting yourself off from your current friends; knowing you will have to say goodbye soon makes it hard to keep being emotionally open. This also makes any goodbye parties really hard. Expect to cry. To see what this process looks like in…Continue Reading “The Complete Trailing Spouse Guide”

Wondering how I updated my wardrobe as I moved from no-dress-code Singapore to the Muslim United Arab Emirates?  Here is the article I wrote for Sassy Mama Dubai about it.   As the song goes, you’ll see many women in Dubai covering their heads, shoulders, knees (and toes?), but this is not required for non-Muslim women – regardless of what many people think before visiting! However, it is respectful to cover your shoulders and knees when going out in public. This doesn’t apply at the beach,…Continue Reading “What To Wear In Dubai”

I hardly know what to say, but my teeth are sick of the nightly clenching I give them, so say something I must.  We are about to be homeless again.  Temporarily.  We will be moving to Dubai in roughly a month.  We don’t even have a move date, but it is happening. Chicago.  Singapore.  Dubai. It sounds kind of fancy, maybe.  The commercial I just watched for the Intercontinental sure made travel look glamorous.  But travel for me is: Food-encrusted shirts on my children. Filthy…Continue Reading “That Intercontinental Life”

A year and a half ago I finally gave in to my husband, and we hired a live-in maid, because that is what you do in Singapore when you are overwhelmed with housework and have no semblance of a social life. I wrote about this previously on my personal blog when we first got our helper. I truly am thankful that it is quite affordable to have full-time help in Singapore, as it is not in other parts of the world. Our first helper, I’ll…Continue Reading “Maid or No Maid—A First World Problem”

Mr. Belvedere

Sooooooo the best thing in the world happened. I have my very own Mr. Belvidere. So now you say: And I say :   So check this out. Singapore is a very fancy pants city with a much higher average income level than many nearby countries. So many of the people who live in poorer countries come here to find jobs. There are lots of constructions jobs in this city for men and lots of cleaning jobs for women. It is so common here that…Continue Reading “Maid in Singapore”