Hotels are strange, aren’t they? These places where people are constantly coming and going, and people speak to you in pre-approved customer service type snippets. They are places where you are surrounded by people but are quite alone, like all public places I suppose. They are international in nature, designed to appeal to a wide audience and provide the comforts of home, away from home, and are in many ways much better than home as you don’t have to cook, clean, or do laundry. I’m…Continue Reading “There’s No Place Like Hotel”

So I’ve been crying today.  No milk has been spilled, and I have not been cutting onions. I’m overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed at the thought that Lee Kuan Yew is no longer with us. This might seem odd to you.  I hear you saying, “Jen, you are an American.  You have only lived in Singapore for a year.  Why are you crying?” I am crying because he is my hero.  He is someone who took a tiny island with no resources of its own and…Continue Reading “Thank You, Lee Kuan Yew.”

The Grandstand, #01-05, Singapore. It is said by some that Omakase Burger is the best burger in Singapore. Others have said it is the smallest. Hmmm. Not mutually exclusive; it can be both the best and smallest, unless you are all about quantity over quality. Maybe the best “diet” burger? I made plans with my friends Murchelle and Shell to try this famed burger. I love getting together with them to discuss all things education related. We met in a group for expats with kids…Continue Reading “Omakase Burger”

China is an amazing place. The architecture, the people, and the language are all so different than in America. Finding what is different, and trying to understand why, is what makes travel so fundamentally interesting. The first time I was in Shanghai years ago, I fell in love with it. From tiny one room restaurants where you could watch a guy make noodles five feet away from you, to the Yan’an elevated road lighting up the night sky with bright blue lights, Shanghai was amazing….Continue Reading “McDonald’s Is Like The American Embassy: A Trip To China With Kids”

5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore. It was a rainy weekday evening when we popped into Saveur. The simple décor and bright lighting beckoned on this wet night.  It’s creators aim to produce great French food at a good price.  The reviews online were fab, so I was very excited to eat here. It did not disappoint. The napkins were a great idea—business owners take note! Great way to advertise the other locations. Unless you have to use the napkin for something gross…maybe not the best…Continue Reading “Saveur”

Written March 2013.   I just peed in a bathroom overlooking the ocean.  It was everything I ever hoped it could be. And then I got a uterine massage. This is where you say–> And I reply, “Give me a second Arnold, and I’ll tell you.” I am in Thailand, on a remote island called Koh Jum, off the coast of Krabi.  I am engaging in all things beach. I have also spent a great deal of time swinging in a hammock, reading “Devil In The…Continue Reading “Thanks, My Uterus Feels Great Now.”

fat man

Asia has a ton of great fashion. Walk anywhere and and you will see boutique after boutique, brimming with adorable clothing of every kind, often just one of each piece in a store—truly a treasure trove for clothing shoppers. Unless you are tall. If you are tall, you will try on cute dresses and the waist will be at the bottom of your ribs. You will model a lovely skirt in the mirror and try to decide if you are too old for such a…Continue Reading “Sigh…. Another Tall Girl Tries On Clothes In Asia”

Mr. Belvedere

Sooooooo the best thing in the world happened. I have my very own Mr. Belvidere. So now you say: And I say :   So check this out. Singapore is a very fancy pants city with a much higher average income level than many nearby countries. So many of the people who live in poorer countries come here to find jobs. There are lots of constructions jobs in this city for men and lots of cleaning jobs for women. It is so common here that…Continue Reading “Maid in Singapore”


On our last day in Hanoi, I was buying fruit in a street market. It was a beautiful, quiet morning, and there were people selling all manner of fruit and vegetables on the street. It all smelled amazing, and it was a perfect time to take some photos. I slid my phone back into the pocket in my shoulder bag I wear cross-body, and took out my money to buy some fruit. At the end of the transaction, I felt down for my phone, under…Continue Reading “Good Morning Vietnam: Robbed And Hit By A Car”


I was asked to write this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore.  Here is an excerpt. FYI: This is not about which is better. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think anyone has ever said, “I wish my mom breastfed me. My life would have turned out so much better.”  No more mommy wars. :) I was supposed to be a breastfeeding ninja this time around. Ninja Mommy Steps: Pop baby out the wazoo. Plant confidently on nipple. Experience the unparalleled joy of successful breastfeeding. My baby…Continue Reading “MY NIPPLES HURT!: A Breastfeeding Rant”