Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to write a guide to natural birth for Sassy Mama Singapore.  It was a fantastic chance to pass on the knowledge I had painstakingly gathered over the years pursuing a better way to birth for myself.  Whether you want to have a natural birth (in any country) or are interested in learning more about birthing in Singapore, this article is for you.   When I got pregnant, I was ECSTATIC. Then… I thought about the fact that the…Continue Reading “Introduction to Natural Birth and Stories from the Trenches”


I was asked to write this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore.  Here is an excerpt. FYI: This is not about which is better. It doesn’t matter. I don’t think anyone has ever said, “I wish my mom breastfed me. My life would have turned out so much better.”  No more mommy wars. :) I was supposed to be a breastfeeding ninja this time around. Ninja Mommy Steps: Pop baby out the wazoo. Plant confidently on nipple. Experience the unparalleled joy of successful breastfeeding. My baby…Continue Reading “MY NIPPLES HURT!: A Breastfeeding Rant”

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Written on December 27, 2013, continued from Part 1. I was truly excited about the midwife program at NUH, and loved what I heard at the class they held.  However, it took me FOR-EV-ER to get back home to the hotel that night, and it looks like we will be living even further away when we get our apartment.  It also took me hours to locate the class (I went early to make sure I knew where I was going) and the main office for…Continue Reading “Having A Baby In Singapore, part 2”

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2. Written April 17th, 2014. The past few months have been uneventful on the “having a baby” front.  I go in for my regular appointments (scheduled at the same intervals as in the US).  I found out that the stick I have to pee on every appointment is to test for too much sugar in my urine.  I always forget I will have to do this and pee before I leave the apartment.  Appointments are not such a pain…Continue Reading “Having A Baby In Singapore, part 3”


Written on December 18, 2013 When I was two months pregnant with my second child, I found out I was moving to Singapore.  I was thrilled!  I feel like birth in America is hyper-medicalized.  The movie Ricki Lake made, The Business of Being Born, really helped open my eyes to how things got this way, and how things are in the rest of the world (the follow up documentaries are great too!).  I was hoping Singapore would be less medicalized and more open to things…Continue Reading “Having A Baby In Singapore, part 1”