You see the signs all over Singapore.  NO DURIANS. It is not allowed on buses, trains, and in other public places. Why does this spiky fruit garner such attention and focus?  I have never seen any other fruit important enough for warning signage, alongside such societal ills as smoking, eating and drinking, and flammable good usage. The reason is the smell, which is an intense, permeating smell that seems to follow you even after you have left the vicinity of the fruit. Until I came to…Continue Reading “Durian, Durian, The Polarizing Fruit”

Porridge. Such a horrible word, isn’t it?  It  conjures up images of tiny children sadly slurping gray gruel inside dank, cold, gothic-style orphanages in England.  Or maybe I just read too much.  Probably. But porridge in Asia is an amazing thing! My friend Elisa, who is of Chinese descent but grew up in California, said it is a comfort food that I had to try.  So try it I did.  And it was lovely.  I now find myself searching out the porridge stands, getting upset if they…Continue Reading “Porridge, Porridge, Glorious Porridge”

***Meaning of Mee Pok Tar updated thanks to commenters J and Melisa below.  Thank you for the help! Hey hey American friends!  I know the title to this post is completely foreign.  Let me explain. Mee Pok means flat noodles, and tah means dry–it being a dry noodle dish instead of a soup-like dish.  Chia Keng Kway Teow Mee is the name of the noodle (mee) stall.  Kway Teow is the name of a different noodle dish I will share with you some day.  Chia Keng is…Continue Reading “Mee Pok Tar, at Chia Keng Kway Teow Mee”

The Grandstand, #01-05, Singapore. It is said by some that Omakase Burger is the best burger in Singapore. Others have said it is the smallest. Hmmm. Not mutually exclusive; it can be both the best and smallest, unless you are all about quantity over quality. Maybe the best “diet” burger? I made plans with my friends Murchelle and Shell to try this famed burger. I love getting together with them to discuss all things education related. We met in a group for expats with kids…Continue Reading “Omakase Burger”

5 Purvis Street, #01-04, Singapore. It was a rainy weekday evening when we popped into Saveur. The simple décor and bright lighting beckoned on this wet night.  It’s creators aim to produce great French food at a good price.  The reviews online were fab, so I was very excited to eat here. It did not disappoint. The napkins were a great idea—business owners take note! Great way to advertise the other locations. Unless you have to use the napkin for something gross…maybe not the best…Continue Reading “Saveur”