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I think they were able to smell my desperation. I was at a playground letting the kiddo play while I tried to gather my thoughts about what to do with my time out here in Singapore.  There were a couple moms there with little ones younger than the kiddo.  I was not really open to meeting anyone, as I was still mourning my friendships back home that were going on without me. You feel sort of like you are cheating on your old friends when you…Continue Reading “Making Friends as an Adult, part 3”

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August 2011.  I met 2 ladies at a hospital group for new moms, and thought we could never be close. June 2012.  I met two ladies at a park and immediately assumed they would not like me.  I was sure we would not be close friends. Later in June 2012.  I met 4 ladies at a sushi bar and immediately new I could never get along with one of them; we were just too different. *** The above describes how I met my current closest…Continue Reading “Making Friends as an Adult, part 2”


Originally written Dec. 7, 2013. So I totally botched my first chance to make a friend tonight. We’ve been in Singapore for 3 days now and are starting to feel a little at home. I’ve made a couple dinners, we’ve gone out to do errands, and the kiddo’s nap schedule is on track. So I was totally starting to feel like I had things under control. Then comes the hotel Christmas party. I think, sure, sounds fun, lets go (even though the kiddo and I were…Continue Reading “Making Friends as an Adult, part 1”