Wondering how I updated my wardrobe as I moved from no-dress-code Singapore to the Muslim United Arab Emirates?  Here is the article I wrote for Sassy Mama Dubai about it.   As the song goes, you’ll see many women in Dubai covering their heads, shoulders, knees (and toes?), but this is not required for non-Muslim women – regardless of what many people think before visiting! However, it is respectful to cover your shoulders and knees when going out in public. This doesn’t apply at the beach,…Continue Reading “What To Wear In Dubai”

I recently wrote this review of the books of Mo Willems for Sassy Mama Singapore. I value reading to my kids. Really, I do. But at the end of a typical day with my kiddos, with all the ups and downs and silly faces and whiny voices, I’m flat out exhausted and the last thing I want to do is read long books to the bubs. I feel horrible saying it, but with dishes to do and the hope of a precious few moments of…Continue Reading “Bedtime Fun: The Books of Mo Willems”

Really, I have no idea.  I could barely figure it out for myself.  But this was a dire and pressing question for me last year when I wrote this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore. My ovaries are confused. They seem to have misplaced the memo I sent them during my hours of labour to deliver Baby Two which clearly stated that they could look forward to a lovely (and permanent) vacation. Yet within a few weeks of giving birth, to my sheer horror, I was…Continue Reading “How Many Kids Should You Have?”

This was written last month for Sassy Mama Singapore.   Don’t you hate it when someone gives you a hug, buries their face into you, and wipes their nose on your clothes? My kiddos love this move. It’s time saving, convenient, and they are giving me love to boot. Maybe it is their way of saying I chose the wrong outfit that day. Despite the fact that my children use me as a tissue, clothes are very important to me. I have always been a…Continue Reading “The Power of Minimalism”

When it’s 2 AM in Singapore, and you need dried apricots, fresh dill, baby knee pads, a souvenir from London, a winter coat, printer paper, and a new shower head, you head to Mustafa.  It’s kind of like a 24-hour Super Walmart, but with an Indian cultural flair.  It is a place where you can get it all, and it is a Singapore institution.  From its humble beginnings in 1973 with a 900 sq ft shop, to its current 150,000 sq ft location, the store…Continue Reading “Mustafa Map”

A year and a half ago I finally gave in to my husband, and we hired a live-in maid, because that is what you do in Singapore when you are overwhelmed with housework and have no semblance of a social life. I wrote about this previously on my personal blog when we first got our helper. I truly am thankful that it is quite affordable to have full-time help in Singapore, as it is not in other parts of the world. Our first helper, I’ll…Continue Reading “Maid or No Maid—A First World Problem”

This piece was written for Sassy Mama Singapore, but it offers resources and information for any parent trying to decide whether or not to seek help from a tutor or tuition center.   Our children really have one up on us, don’t they? That pure sense of joy, that adventurous spirit, that insatiable curiosity… and boundless energy for it all! I will never forget dressing my daughter and preparing her backpack for her first day of nursery. She was so excited for what lay ahead,…Continue Reading “Guide to Tuition and Tutoring”

I recently wrote this piece for Sassy Mama Singapore, but it has great tips for anyone thinking about homeschooling their son or daughter. Daniel* (*name changed for privacy) couldn’t speak when he was 5. He couldn’t read when he was 10. His mother was told he would never function in the world. But learning isn’t always linear; some children only progress when ready and then do so very quickly, like Daniel, who has Asperger’s Syndrome. His mom homeschooled him and her hard work paid off…Continue Reading “A Guide To Homeschooling”

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to write a guide to natural birth for Sassy Mama Singapore.  It was a fantastic chance to pass on the knowledge I had painstakingly gathered over the years pursuing a better way to birth for myself.  Whether you want to have a natural birth (in any country) or are interested in learning more about birthing in Singapore, this article is for you.   When I got pregnant, I was ECSTATIC. Then… I thought about the fact that the…Continue Reading “Introduction to Natural Birth and Stories from the Trenches”