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Card 2:  Potty Time = Facebook Time

We all know that social media is a time drain, but for many of us, we just can’t quit.  FB is like your annoying little brother: he pisses you off and makes you feel insecure, but is also freaking hilarious, and because he is family you just can’t drop him like a bag of rocks.  I am not related to FB, but everyone I am related to is on there.  Because I live on the other side of the planet, FB is basically the only way I can keep up with all of them at once.

But there must be a limit.  My brothers drove me nuts when I had to share a roof with them, but in small doses, they are my favorite people.  So it is with FB–a little limiting goes a long way.  I heard someone on a podcast mention that he only surfs social media while on the porcelain throne, and I thought that was a genius way to naturally limit FB time.  I say naturally, because no parent can ever hide in the bathroom for long, but it is the one and only place in the house where you get a little peace and quiet.

Though I am cringing about the level of TMI I have reached here, this card is absolutely necessary for me to increase my productivity during the day.

How it went:  

I majorly failed the first day, a bit less the second, and by the third day I was on a roll, looking forward to going to the bathroom and staying a little more hydrated to ensure a few trips to the bathroom each day. LOL.  I am still totally cringing about this one, but it is really allowing me to effectively manage my social media time.

Card 3:  Smile!

Research supports the idea that we can be happier by faking happiness–specifically, by smiling.  And I think this is awesome.  Apparently, the effect is so powerful, it even makes botox users happier as a pleasant side effect because they have a harder time frowning.  So by using those smile muscles, we get our Pavlov on and actually feel happier.  And how easy is it to just smile?  Do it now!

See?  So easy.  But there is an emotional cost.  You feel ridiculous just smiling for no reason.  But so be it.

Read more here.

How it went:  

It went so well!  I found the best time of day for unnatural smiling was while schlepping the kids to and from school.  I felt like an idiot, and probably looked like one, but I really think it worked.  I felt a little lighter, I (genuinely) laughed a little more, and most importantly, I enjoyed my kids a little more during the commute.  I highly recommend the practice.

Card 4:  Learn Spanish for 10 Minutes Every Day

I have been trying (and failing) to speak Spanish with my kids since Kiddo 1 was born, and my efforts basically tanked after Kiddo 2 was born and TOTAL EXHAUSTION set in.  LOL.  So anyway, I am back at it.  To enhance my vocabulary (that comes courtesy of my high school Spanish classes), I am going to learn Spanish for 10 minutes a day.  Right now, I am using the app Duolingo.  I keep a notebook nearby when I use the app to record the new words I learn to look over later to enhance my memorization efforts.  I do this every workday right before tackling my email inbox.

How it went:  

It went fabulously.  The app reminded me every day, and I did it happily every day.  At least until I was sick in bed for a week with a back injury and a friend in town, but more on that next time…


52 Cards Experiment: Week 3 Update

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