These are a group of interactive math stories that run as a PowerPoint show.  They do not work on mobile devices, only on computers/laptops.  Just click on the link in parentheses to download.  I only just started doing this to help my child review concepts from school, so the first few weeks of the year are currently missing.  Hopefully I will find time to do those as well.  Be aware, I am an American math teacher, so some vocabulary (and the accent) will differ.  LOL…Continue Reading “Little Interactive Math Stories for Year 1 British Curriculum”


Written on September 16, 2016. We have now spent two nights in our new home in Dubai.  We are (mostly) happy and (very) relieved to be at this point in our move.  The kids were off school all this week for the Eid holiday, which has made the progress of organizing our belongings very slow.  With all the hiccups we had with the move-in process, I am truly glad they did not have school.  It would have been quite stressful to get them out the…Continue Reading “House Hunting Internationally: Dubai Edition”


Written August 10, 2016 I have a very big problem. We have been living in Dubai in temporary housing for about three weeks now, and I am down to my last kopi packet.  Coffee is called kopi in Singapore, and it is lovely.  It is made with sweetened condensed milk.  My usual kopi order was kopi c peng siew dai, which means iced coffee with evaporated milk and less sugar (click here to find your kopi order). You can get kopi in every food center…Continue Reading “The Last Kopi”

So. Let’s talk about moving-related tears, at least for me. It seems I have a requisite number of tears I must shed every week. Sometimes they are shed all on one afternoon at a particularly crowded grocery store; sometimes they are spread over a week. They are 100% due to stress. This happened on my move to Singapore, and it is happening now. I cannot remember if I was this way when I did a suburb-to-suburb move while in Chicagoland, but back then I was…Continue Reading “The Requisite Number Of Tears: The Hidden Stress Of Moving”


Here is a timeline of what my move from Singapore to Dubai was like, from my own point of view (obviously).  (And yes, my resting stress level is about 50%. I know, I know, I know, I need to meditate, but I am stressed about having to meditate.  I am working on that). Day Occurrence My Neurotic Inner Monologue Stress Level 1 Company reaches out to hubs on Linked In. Hubs says probably won’t go for it. Okay, that’s neat. 50% 4 Random company convinces hubs to interview…Continue Reading “Our Move To Dubai: A Timeline”


I hardly know what to say, but my teeth are sick of the nightly clenching I give them, so say something I must.  We are about to be homeless again.  Temporarily.  We will be moving to Dubai in roughly a month.  We don’t even have a move date, but it is happening. Chicago.  Singapore.  Dubai. It sounds kind of fancy, maybe.  The commercial I just watched for the Intercontinental sure made travel look glamorous.  But travel for me is: Food-encrusted shirts on my children. Filthy…Continue Reading “That Intercontinental Life”

I recently wrote this review of the books of Mo Willems for Sassy Mama Singapore. I value reading to my kids. Really, I do. But at the end of a typical day with my kiddos, with all the ups and downs and silly faces and whiny voices, I’m flat out exhausted and the last thing I want to do is read long books to the bubs. I feel horrible saying it, but with dishes to do and the hope of a precious few moments of…Continue Reading “Bedtime Fun: The Books of Mo Willems”


I recently wrote for Sassy Mama Singapore about the benefits (and difficulties) of reading the news with your kids. My daughter is four years old. Her world revolves around playing, eating, and avoiding baths at all costs. She is very interested in anything involving silliness, sweet treats, or Sophia the First. So when she found me with my nose in The Economist the other day and asked me to read it to her, I was flabbergasted. I paused to consider the possible ramifications of reading…Continue Reading “How To Talk To Your Kids About The News”

mustafa pic

When it’s 2 AM in Singapore, and you need dried apricots, fresh dill, baby knee pads, a souvenir from London, a winter coat, printer paper, and a new shower head, you head to Mustafa.  It’s kind of like a 24-hour Super Walmart, but with an Indian cultural flair.  It is a place where you can get it all, and it is a Singapore institution.  From its humble beginnings in 1973 with a 900 sq ft shop, to its current 150,000 sq ft location, the store…Continue Reading “Mustafa Map”

durian signs collage

You see the signs all over Singapore.  NO DURIANS. It is not allowed on buses, trains, and in other public places. Why does this spiky fruit garner such attention and focus?  I have never seen any other fruit important enough for warning signage, alongside such societal ills as smoking, eating and drinking, and flammable good usage. The reason is the smell, which is an intense, permeating smell that seems to follow you even after you have left the vicinity of the fruit. Until I came to…Continue Reading “Durian, Durian, The Polarizing Fruit”